Reclaiming The Self

Reclaiming the Self is a process through which we will increase self awareness, get clarity, and cultivate self compassion.

It brings us through the losses that led us to this point, so that we can get the closure that we would have liked or we can find the words to express what we’ve been through; we can come to terms with our own suffering.

From there, we can begin to find new ways to relate to our own experience. We can begin to touch those places of most pain with tenderness and compassion.

Once we set down some of our suffering, some of our struggle, we often experience a new sense of space and openness.

We can use our formerly dormant creativity to visualize new ideas.

We may now have the energy to try new things, adapt new skills, and start to cultivate our intuitive capacities.

Ultimately, we can heal those deep feelings of disconnection, and we can start to reclaim our Selves as our own: beautiful, honest, creative, complex, wise, full of wonder.

Join me on this journey.

Increase Self Awareness


Percentage of People Who Think They Are Self-Aware


Percentage of People Who Are Actually Self-Aware

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

I feel like you are equipping me with skills that I’ve wanted and needed in relationships… I was floundering and now I feel like I’m becoming the adult I’ve wanted to be. I feel like I’m on the path to becoming the best version of myself, and I wouldn’t be here without your help.



I have experienced so much healing through our work together. I have loved your voice during meditations, it is so grounding and soothing. Thank you so much!


Performance Artist

Working with you has given me a new perspective on who I am, what I want, and how to get there. I truly appreciate you. 


Medical Professional

explore your limitless potential

In this five week course we will dive deep into you. I will introduce you to ways to connect with your own being using techniques from transpersonal psychotherapy, eastern meditative traditions, writing exercises, personal inventories and mindfulness. 

Each week will include a video lecture from me grounding what we are doing in psychological theory. It will also include meditative and visualization exerices for you to practice. A forum will be available for you to conenct with others who are also enrolled so you can share your experiences with like-minded souls. 

Here’s a closer week-by-week look at what we’ll be doing:  

Week One: Establishing A Connection

It may have been a while since you really checked in with yourself. Perhaps you’ve been rolling through life on autopilot, doing the things you thought would bring you happiness based on your family or culture’s messages. But those things that they told you to do haven’t actually made you happy.


Believe me, I know. I’ve been there. 


So we’re going to take this first week to get down to basics as we start to increase self awareness. Who are you really? Outside of the dictates of the roles you play in your life of child, parent, student, worker, sibling, etc. Who are you when it’s just you, alone?

Week Two: Stuck in A Pattern?

When we are uncertain about who we are, what motivates us or why we are feeling certain feelings, life can be an incredibly confusing journey.


This week we’ll look back and begin to piece the puzzle together on how we came to be who we are. Feelings and thoughts have origins. Sometimes those roots run deep. In our reflections we’ll take an inventory of how we learned to relate to ourselves from a young age as well as information about how others related to us. We’ll also build self-compassion skills and work on reparenting the wounded inner child.

Week Three: We Are the Meaning Makers

One of the most amazing things about this life you’re living is that you get to decide. What has value for you right now? Where is the meaning? What is your purpose? 


Let’s dive deep this week and explore what’s important to you at this point in your life. This information can help to inform us of where to put your energy and intention as we move forward. 

Week Four: Embracing Authenticity

“Once we know better, we do better.” This is one of my favorite Oprah quotes. 


At this point in our journey together you have a sense of who you are, where you’ve been and what you want. Now it’s time to act like you know. Showing up as this more self-aware, more insightful version of yourself can lead to dramatic changes in your life, so buckle up, love!

Week Five: Becoming A Good Caregiver To Oneself

Sometimes, in order to move forward we must release ourselves from the ties of holding onto the hurts from the past. Mainly, I am talking here about the pain of not forgiving ourselves. Guilt can be unrelenting and self-forgiveness is crucial if we are going to allow ourselves an opportunity to revision the abundant life that is in store for us. 


There comes a time when we must, as healthy adults, take up the cause of our own lives. We must choose to take responsibility for our own souls. Becoming a good caregiver to the Self means really looking at ways we can be the loving and kind nurturer we’ve always longed for. 

About Rachael 

Rachael Chatham is a master’s level psychotherapist with over fifteen years’ experience working with individuals on the road to self-actualization.

Inspired by the work of some of the greatest thinkers in psychology, Buddhist philosophy and the wisdom traditions, Rachael finds the work of guiding others as they explore their own psyches one of life’s great honors.

 To learn more about Rachael’s background and experience, check out the About page

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