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Healing the Father Wound

Healing the father wound is the most important work that you’ll ever do.

If you grew up with a Father who was not able to meet your basic emotional needs you may be struggling with the remnants of the impact of that relationship.

Attracting partners who are as aloof, depriving, narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, or cruel as your father figure once was is one way the wound manifests.

Ignoring your own intuition, struggling to trust oneself and others, feeling like you are a burden, or not worthy of loving attention and effort from those you are connected to is yet another consequence.

The relationships we have with our Fathers are formative. As our first male care providers, the ways we connected with them or the lack of connection we had with them changes the way we relate to ourselves and others throughout our life-spans.

It’s not too late. You can take these matters into your own hands and heal the father wound that prevents you from embracing yourself and your life fully. 

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Healing the father wound is journey that can last a lifetime. I invite you to take a bold step toward healing.

The Father Fix is a four-week course for naming the hurt, reclaiming the gifts, and building the skills to help you thrive.

Not having your basic emotional needs met by your father during childhood can have impact you well into adulthood.

It’s never too late to do the work of healing this wound and returning to a state of wholeness and well-being.

Your value is immeasureable. Get it back.

Is this the right course for you?

Do you tend to sacrifice your own needs in the service of always helping others?

Was your relationship with your father deeply disappointing, neglectful, or devaluing of you?

Do you struggle to get close to romantic partners due to fear of abandonment?

Are you out of touch with your own sense of intuition?

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“Healing the Wounds Left by the Negligent Father”

Fathers have a huge impact on our lives. Whether we want to admit it or not, our relationships with these men or lack thereof inform how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to others in fundamental ways.

Social anxiety, a tendency to isolate, withdrawal from others and avoidance of direct communication about thoughts and feelings are all symptoms of “daddy issues.”

Not getting the emotional or physical support you needed in childhood can have lasting impacts well into adulthood.

If your needs for protection, safety, trust and love were unmet by your father, it may be time to give that loss the attention it needs so that you can heal and move forward in ways that are in alignment with who you really are.

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The Father Fix:

A Four-week Course to Help you Heal your Father Wound

Father Wound Healing - Week 1

We’ll explore the father archetype and the qualities involved in good paternal parenting. Using imagery we will begin to connect with the child within and look at what needs personally went unmet for you with your dad. We’ll also discuss the importance of feeling your feelings about your dad, and what happens when you don’t.

Father Wound Healing - Week 2

For this section of the class we’ll be looking more closely at the many impacts of having a negligent or abusive father. As we enter into adulthood we often take the patterns we learned relating with our fathers into our romantic relationships and friendships. Here, we’ll look at life-patterns and attachement as we begin to cultivate self-compassion.

Father Wound Healing - Week 3

Negative beliefs are the at the core of how we relate to ourselves and others. In week three we’ll look at the ideas you learned about yourself from your father, and we’ll find ways to question, challenge or refute them. We’ll also discuss the power of using intimate self-awareness to reawaken your intuition, and explore your current values and intentions for your life.

Father Wound Healing - Week 4

Moving forward with your dad can be a challenging pursuit. Discern what is possible for you at this point in your relationship. We’ll explore topics like assertiveness, boundaries, forgiveness and choosing to continue your reltionship with your father, or going no contact. We’ll also discuss ways to honor the child within as you continue on your healing journey that will lead to a greater sense of integration.