The breath is one of the most under-rated tools we have. It is simple, easily accessible, and often overlooked. 

If you want to be able to set personal boundaries, but have struggled to say “no” to people, start by taking a breath when something is asked of you. It will give you a little time and space to pay attention to your inner cues that let you know if you truly want to say yes, or if you’d prefer to buy yourself more time with a “maybe” or a “let me think about it” response. 

If you are anxious in social situations and you feel that any silence is awkward and must be filled in order to avoid a harsh judgement, take a breath. A breath gives you a chance to reorient to your body, your environment, and allows the time and space for something organic and authentic to arise from yourself or those you are with. 

If you are dealing with someone who is highly reactive, critical, or difficult to be with, take a breath. You are entitled to your own response to them and to give yourself the gift of time and space when you feel you are under attack. Take several breaths and excuse yourself so you can garner support and choose your response or next steps in a way that feels right. 


There are so many situations we can find ourselves in when we are on a healing path where we come up against our own patterns or reactivity. We often default to the more primitive or underdeveloped parts of ourselves.

Slowing down to take a single breath is a subtle, yet powerful way to reconnect with our own internal spaciousness.

Just like when we’re driving a car, the slower we go, the more control we have. When we give ourselves the space to process our experiences, we give ourselves the gift of choosing how we’d truly like to respond.