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I love fall. It is one of the most beautiful times of the year where I live, in North Carolina. But fall can be bittersweet in more ways than one.

We lose the shade and the privacy that leaves provide from our oak and maple trees. We lose our ability to expose our skin comfortably to the wind and the air. We are forced to close up our windows which can make us feel less connected and more isolated from one another and the natural world.

Sometimes, fall feels like things are falling apart.

One way this is manifesting for me right now is a loss of sociability. People cancelling plans, opting out of ongoing groups, cancelling appointments. It seems almost like everyone is going deep into conservation mode, having reassessed their resources of time and space and trimming away anything that isn’t a top-level priority. Of course, this is a painful process to be on the receiving end of.

Expectations I have had will now go unmet, fostering feelings of disappointment.

When I can put what I am experiencing into the context of the natural world, however, I find comfort in knowing that this loss I’m experiencing may just be a reminder of how I am deeply connected to all things.


How are you experiencing the losses of this fall?