So much of our lives are centered around the issue of time and the question of when. At certain points in my life I have fixated on “when I have or can do __________, then I will be happy/complete.” Right now, the question is “when will I have more time?” With my own private practice and busy family life, it often feels like there isn’t enough time to do all of the things that call for my attention and creative inputs. This site, for one thing, has been something I’ve wanted to cultivate for almost a year. My writing and getting to read books are another thing I rarely feel that I have enough time to dedicate to.

Sometimes I get caught up in ideas of what’s coming next. I use a paper planner and will often fill it out with work and personal events for the weeks ahead. Then I sit and stare at the pages and anticipate what the future will hold energy-wise; what the rhythm of the time will feel like.

But in this moment, it is quiet. The only sounds I hear are the birds outside, the kicking on or off of the heat. The dryer spinning my clothes to warmth. It is peaceful and calm. The time is now for what is meant to happen right now, in this moment.

For me this sign represents that whatever is happening right now is what is most important. And it is happening right on time. Wether it is folding laundry or cleaning, taxiing around town for pick ups and drop offs, paying bills or getting a chance to write this first post. The time is now. It’s a reminder to take a breath, relish in the fact that what needs to happen is already happening, right now. Sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy it.

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