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want change on a deeper level?

are you ready to learn the skills that will help you heal your relationship traumas?


• reclaim your wholeness

• integrate the different parts of you

• create a life of intention and meaning

Relationships are everything.

The relationship you have with yourself is arguably the most important relationship you will ever have.

It will determine the types of relationships you have with others.

It will allow you to feel a sense of worthiness, inherent value, and wellbeing. Or, it will cost you those things.

If you are out of touch with who you are, have a harsh inner critic, or you’re finding yourself stuck in a pattern of relating to yourself or others that leaves you feeling mad, bad or sad, you’ve come to the right place.

Curious about ways to deepen intimacy within?

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

- The 14th Dalai Lama

Relational trauma is the experience of being mistreated by the important people in your life. 

Neglect and abuse in its many forms: verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual all cause serious and lasting psychological harm.

Relational, or complex trauma, can cause us to repeatedly end up in toxic relationships, to suffer with physical health challenges, and can cause significant anxiety and depression.

It is possible to heal from these wounds. 

Healing does not require blame, villainizing, or an eternal victimhood mentality.

It does require honesty, willingness, and courage.

The Skillful Self: practices


Relaxation & Breath Work

Guided Imagery

Self Compassion


The Written Word


What people say about working with Rachael:

I can’t thank you enough for the time and patience you’ve given to me along this journey. I’m trying to acknowledge every day where my source of power and peace comes from when I feel restless and anxious.  I won’t ever forget our time together. 

Amy W.


Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. You helped me through a dark time and I am so glad the universe pointed me in your direction!

Hannah M.


This group was well-structured and organized, and the content presented was very relevant. It was clear a lot of thought was given and work put into coming up with the structure for the class as a whole as well as each individual session. Thanks!



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